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Can't you just see Janis Joplin wearing this?

Can’t you just see Janis Joplin wearing this?

I’ve been jamming on all things ‘granny square’. I stumbled upon this link and yes, it’s in CHINESE and RUSSIAN, but is very photo heavy. Could I do this? Just looking at pictures? It was doubtful, but I thought I’d give it a try. I loved the coat featured in that link, with the main body color being red, as it reminded me of those little Russian matryoshka dolls. But I thought that a more sedate forest green might work, too.

The first thing I did was to tackle the big square that made up the back.

Big granny square.

Big granny square.


Then, I started working up some grannies to make up the body of the coat.

Grannies, bordered in main color - 'forest green'

Grannies, bordered in main color – ‘forest green’


Next was the sleeve. I did a main granny square for the upper arm, then rows of granny for the lower arms. For the shoulder easement, I added a few rows on top, making them narrower as they reached where I’d hoped the shoulder seam would go.

I made two of these - one for each sleeve.

I made two of these – one for each sleeve.


And after sewing it all together like some kind of yarnish Frankenstein monster, and then crocheting several rows along the bottom, and then from front edge, around the neckline to the other front edge, this is what I ended up with!





I have literally hundreds of tails of loose yarn to weave in, but it’s done, I did it, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Somehow, I thought that the forest green would make this a little less ‘out there’. Hubby, I promise I won’t wear it when I’m out in public with you!


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